History of the company

1969 Foundation of the GT-Propellers company and Registration to the book of the artisan enterprises of the Province of Rimini.

The Tonini brothers began their adventure in the world Of flight with the design and realization of a glider built from a mix of metal, wood and burlap which was pulled ahead from a car. They flew in the winter days, on the long desert beaches of the Adriatic coast and in the Airport of Rimini ,thanks to a special permission released from the airport military authorities.

In those years, there was no law to allow the construction and the use of amatorial aircraft. The fast development of national and international sport aviation brought the Tonini brother ,thanks to their experience ,seriousness and to the many years of research and studies, to begin a true full time Professional production of propellers with more than 200 models for several employs :first motor ultra Lights, hang-gliders, experimental aircrafts imported from the USA, eolic windmill , aerial military targets shovels for the production of wind in the cinematographic field until the aircrafts of average high power of last generation like the acrobatic biplanes PITTS, most diffuse all over the world. with pride GT-Propeller was the first domestic corporation to realize all the propellers for the new born Rotax motor imported in Italy ,and the first world-wide company to realize the propellers for the most famous 100 HP Rotax 912-S for series installation collaborating with the TECNAM company.
From the end of the second world war ,no Italian company had certified propellers for general aviation through the national or foreign authority.
The Tonini brothers certified some models of their immense range following norms JAA.RAI-E-26 Italy. LBA 31/101 Germany. Z-DB.03.03, Poland. Adaptation certification following EASA norms coming soon. New TC and STC are in progress.

Some fundamental stages.


The true success arrived finally when the demand for always more particular propellers, from companies at the top of the business of the flight in Europe, remarkably increased due to employment of skilful craftsmen and planners, with the aid of machinery always more specific and fast of last generation, transferring all the production in a new building situated in the new productive zone of Riccione.

Gian Carlo and all his staff invested a lot of time in collaborating with top aircraft designers and engineers and as for example:

Professor Pascale based in Naples, originator of all Tecnam aircraft designs. This long collaboration started in the early 1990 and exposed GT Propellers to a great business success, that  resulted in the production and sale of over 3000 propellers in various types solely for Tecnam.


Ing Bazzocchi, father of many jet trainers, one of which which is the MB339, still in service with Frecce Tricolori.

Paolo Tonini and Ing Bazzocchi had various meeting to discuss the creation of a vintage styled propeller but with enhanced performance for MB 338- the very first aircraft type he designed during WWII.

The GT Vintage prop was tested specifically on Ing Bazzocchi personal MB 338.

Stelio Frati

Last but not least was the collaboration with Ing Stelio Frati, father of unique aircraft such as Falco, Siai 260, Picchio, etc.

Meetings were held in Milan, from  where Ing Frati was operating. These resulted in the creation of  a two blade variable propeller that achieved outstanding performance for cruising aircraft.

Apart from the above, GT Propellers has collaborated with many other personalities and companies in the aviation community.


Transformation of the corporate name transforming the denomination company from GT- Eliche to GT- Propellers.
With the advent of the third millennium, and with more innovative technical and over thirty years know-how, the GT-propellers is determined to manage its future with the immense range of services and products all planned and produced from the internal staff.


Completion of EASA DOA and POA certification.
New TC in progress in compliance with CS P,CS 22 and CS 23.
Back in production of LSA composite propellers using new monolithic hollow technology.
Increase of new UAV propellers models.
Extended wind tunnel propellers capability.
First company World trained internally by Sensenich propellers USA, for maintenance of Sensenich composite propellers.
Production and service contract renewal for military training aircraft equipped with GT propellers.
Easa 145 certification evalutation for maintenance of other certified propellers brands
Constant presence at the biggest international aviation events.
Continuous R,D on different propellers fields.
Extended field service performing propellers exchange, dynamic balance.



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