Special warbird blades


With over 40 years of R & D and production in the propeller business, and accredited many aviation certifications we have archived enough , experience to design and engineer particular blades suitable with existing warbird hubs such as Yak, Spitfire, Hurricane, etc… The advances? Having the blades designed as the original but using more recent airfoils and lighter weight results in easier flying. Original hub is used and no engine modification is necessary. If unfortunately, one gets a prop strike -no damage is transferred to engine. Warbirds, unlimited racing planes can get benefit by using GT blades. Once the customer puts in a request, GT engineering will do a hub/engine evaluation, prepare a quotation, and on customer’s approval, final engineering production is accomplished. While maintaining same propeller design, blades finished and installed on warbirds / racing planes, feature improved operational smoothness. A higher safety factor is also achieved. Evaluations are conducted after discussion with our engineering staff.  Contact us for further details.      

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