replacement blades for YAK prop V-530D

GT are proud to be the first company in the world to design and produce a retro-fit propeller kit for the M-14 engine utilising the original two bladed propeller hub.
A newly designed blade with a special blade profile and increased diameter increases the performance of all aircraft fitted with the previous two bladed propellers. Increased climb rate, faster cruise, lower noise and fuel consumption – and better looking!
More than 450 GT M-14 blades have now been produced in various sizes. Used by recreational pilots, OEM on new Romanian YAK52 military training aircraft and adopted and tested by unlimited professional pilots.
With our competitors now adopting the same blade size after 7 years of production, proof that our M-14 design is correct!
Whilst there are more modern and lighter materials available, GT have maintained the mixed wooden and composite reinforced construction for its reliability and track record.

  • Better absorption of engine impulses and vibration
  • Lower polar moment than any composite blade available today
  • Low maintenance costs

All these features are available at a competitive price – a good investment!
Some may say that this is yesterday’s technology, but the advantages are still relevant in the modern world. An Evergreen solution.


Thanks to a greater diameter and modern airfoils adopted on GT blades, tested in various flying conditions for years, many Yak 52 achieved outstanding performance compared to standard original blades :

  • Greater static thrust.
  • Shorter take off distance, both grass and hard surfaces.
  • Higher cruise speed @ any power setting.
  • @ 70% of power setting an average of 15 / 18 KMH / 8 /10 KTS faster. ( standard day )
  • Shorter landings thanks to greater propeller diameter.
  • More energy feeling during all aerobatic manoeuvres.
  • Very good cooling in hot places.
  • Reduced noise level both in the cockpit and outside.
  • Smoother engine running.
  • Lower fuel consumption.
  • Reduced engine damage when propeller has ground strike compared to blade made of aluminium or all composite.

Blades diameter can be arranged from 2.50/98”, up to 2.70/106”.
Standard configuration scimitar tips shaped.
Square shaped blades upon request.
Metal leading edge in progress.
Standard finishing is high gloss White, Black and Grey.
Custom paint upon request.
Carbon finishing is now available upon request .
Standard YAK 52 360 HP 2.50/98”, diameter.
Other aircrafts using GT2-V-25 blades are :

Yak 52 and YAK 52 TW
Yak 50.
Yak 55.
Yak 18. and YAT 18T
SU 29
CULP Special

Other tests are in progress.
GT-PROPELLERS supplies only statically balanced M-14 blades which they design and manufacture.
For every kind of M-14 application.
GT Propellers can advice you for the best individual solution.
Worldwide delivery.
More details contact, Alex Tonini

New GT 2-V-25 blades versus V-530 Vperod ,YAK 52 tests



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