Blade retention pull test


Very heavy fatigue, destructive, acoustic and static thrust tests and aerodynamic balancing procedures are carried out. All types of rain conditions and take-offs from rough runways are simulated on all types of propeller, both fixed and variable pitch, using a sliding test bench equipped with a 165HP engine.

Several blade retention samples made of impregnated wood were tested in various technical research centers with impressive results.ò

A 60. mm diameter sample of the blade root of the GT design for Rotax engines:
912 ,912-S, 914, 80/130 hp with max propeller rotation of 2700 rpm, showed an average tear test load result of 22.000 KGf

Please note:
The GT blades mentioned above weight about 1.5 to 1.8 kg,s each.
At this weight the root load forces at max engine rpm of 2550, standard of rotax 912/914 family, is 2.700 kgf per blade.

The application safety factor of GT blades roots result is that the GT blades for Rotax applications are 7 times stronger than required by Rotax engine operating at full power in service!



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