G. Adjustable propellers

Ground Adjustable propellers are divided in 3 categories.

1. The LSA props are made with latest monolithic carbon technology and the leading edge is protected with a metal strip. The 2-piece split hub is made of aerospace material and available for 2 or 3 blade configuration. These are available in pusher or tractor models,  in various diameter sizes and suitable with power plants producing up to 110 HP.

2. For more powerful applications, the same blades as used on variable pitch propellers is adopted. A monolithic alloy hub is used.The configuration is 2/3 blade.

3. For powerplants producing up to 500 HP,  another option is use of the constant speed propeller, blades, hub, spinner, but without the pitch movement (no electric motor, no oil (?) piston). Pitch is adjusted through an external screw tool that the customer can adjust in order to get required blade angle. The entire construction is same as VP



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