Fixed Pitch Propellers

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Manufactured from a combination of highly selected woods such as maple, ash, birch and mahogany. The individual layers are glued together to form a block using certified high performance aircraft glues. Continuous testing throughout the production stages ensure the highest possible quality. The blade are laminated (areas are) in composite material to improve surface protection and ensure better blade stability over time. The high resistance leading edge protection is applied  by an injecting a special two component resin. This leading edge guard is very resistant to impact from small stones, rain and grass. This particular leading edge guard is easily replaceable in case of damage. Several layers of polyurethane or acrilic lacquers are applied. The tips are finished in a different colour for safety/ visibility reasons.  Matt black is used on the back of our tractor propellers. Various colour choices are available. Standard tips are yellow and red which over the years have become GT’s signature making our product easy to recognise even when rotating. Most customers specify this configuration. Propeller diameters range from 50cms ( 20”) to 250cms (98 ½”). Applications from 40 to 1000 HP are possible. More than 20,000 of our propellers are in service worldwide on experimental, certified aircraft, motor gliders, and vintage aircraft. All GT fixed pitch propellers featured here, that are constructed of hardwood and reinforced with composite laminations, comply with JAR / EASA 21P rules.




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