20 Dec 2011

Non-authorized web site

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The keyword “GT-Propeller” has been appearing online in a non-authorized web site for the past 3 years. This web site has been created by Mr. Malcolm G Ducker , a British citizen owner and designer of a solo exemplary world experimental twin engine aircraft identified as and registered under “G-STDL”.
Mr. G Ducker has mounted two GT electric controlled propellers, like many other customers worldwide.
He had modified these two propellers on his own, without our knowledge and control, and without our permission. He personally installed the propellers on his experimental aircraft and created his own manual which has never been approved by us.
He has now invented a fantasy story about an accident which has never been heard of in aviation history. Shortly after, Mr. Malcolm G Ducker has contacted us to request compensation for the alleged damages which we refused as the facts did not match his story.
Once we have discovered that this story was a scam created by Mr. Malcolm G Ducker, he went on creating a web page where he posted defamatory comments about our company.
Despite this defamatory campaign, our established customers and new customers have continued to give us their trust and support. Many other propellers containing these same features have been produced, sold and maintained for our domestic and international customers .
A more detailed and technical report about this incident will be available as of January 2012 on our official web site.
We thank all our customers and our website readers and we strongly advise you to DISTRUST Mr. Malcolm G Ducker, owner of the aircraft identified as G-STDL, who operates in England under the name Speed Twin.

Sincerely Alex Tonini



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